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BOOK II: The Substitute Lover of the Rich and Powerful Boss_Chapter 8.2

The next day.

As Jiao Qi opened his eyes early in the morning, he saw his lao gong watching the news with his smart brain while hugging him in his arms. Then, he asked with uncertainty, “What is your name?”

Zhang Chenfei broke into laughter as he answered, “Baby, it’s me. There’s no script today.”

Looking at his lovely little wife heaving a big sigh of relief, he couldn’t help but move closer and kiss him. To cause so much trouble in somebody’s family, this smart brain manufacturer must go bankrupt!

Zhang Chenfei drove his lovely little wife to work and while on the road, Jiao Qi informed him that “Feeding the Dog with Good Intention” and Bajiao had terminated their contract. “The anchor went to other live broadcast platforms and he also sent you a letter regarding his endorsement at Shi Fei Technology.”

“This is all about the business of our family, and it will be up to you whoever you want to give the endorsements to.”

The unprincipled president-daren just arrived at Shi Fei Technology when he received a strange phone call.

“President Zhang, I am the anchor of ‘Feeding the Dog with Good Intention’. I want to discuss with you about the endorsement of the new game.” Speaking on the other side of the phone is Gou Xin.

“You don’t have to discuss about such matters directly with me. Get your company to contact our Marketing Department.” Zhang Chenfei said it straightforwardly as he does not want to waste his time.

“I terminated my contract with Bajiao and because of your relationship with President Jiao, this endorsement will unlikely be given to me anymore. However, I have a small thing in my hand for you to listen to. Perhaps, you will be willing to reconsider me,” said Gou Xin and sent an audio file over.

【 There is nothing to say. He is just a substitute! 】

【 You, how can you do this?! You made the young master of the Jiao household as a substitute?! 】

The familiar voice was exactly the conversation Zhang Chenfei had with Gao Shiqing in a corner at the buffet reception that day.

“I only hope that this endorsement will be given to me. My endorsement, in exchange of this recording. There won’t be any loss, right?” Gou Xin spoke with much confidence. The value of this endorsement is very high, and it is also very helpful in promoting his personal popularity. His current live broadcast platform does not have the ability to help him fight, so he can only rely on himself.

“…” The president does not know what to say. Is this threatening him?

“If this matter become known to President Jiao, or if I release it in the live broadcast, your loss will not be just a simple endorsement.” Although the Jiao Yang Real Estate is on the decline, the skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. The Jiao household is still rich and powerful according to standards. It may be assumed that Zhang Chenfei is not willing to lose this kind of wife’s parents’ family.

“Oh,” Zhang Chenfei held his forehead and sneered, “Kid, don’t take it too seriously. In this world of strong people, it is easier for me to crush you than to crush an ant!”

The cold and cruel tone, resembling the dark Demon King in the game, is incompatible with the real world. However, it is unexpectedly full of intimidating power. Gou Xin stared blankly for quite a while. Looking at the phone number, Gou Xin was thinking whether it was right to call President Zhang.

Does this mean that President Zhang, a man with good temperament, is henpecked? What kind of horrible momentum does this warlord have?

As the sun sets, Jiao Qi walks out of the Bajiao building and just as he stepped out, he sees a black Maybach imposingly stopped on the side of the road. That eye-catching manner of parking the car has caused the surrounding people to repeatedly turn their heads around to look.

“Has the car been repaired?” Jiao Qi walked over the driver’s side, and the glass window slowly fell, revealing Zhang Chenfei, who was wearing sunglasses. “It’s already dark. Why do you still have your sunglasses on?”

The president looked at him, opened the door and got off the car. He took off his sunglasses in a chic way, and in an elegant and gentlemanly way, he carefully held Jiao Qi’s hand. “It is too dangerous for a man to walk alone on the road. Next time, wait for me to go up your office and pick you up.”

“Huh?” Jiao Qi looked left and right. In front of Bajiao building is a small plaza where people come and go, and vehicles are stuck in traffic. “What could the danger be?”

“You poor little thing. You have no idea at all how fatal you appeal to others!” President-daren sighed helplessly. Seeing that some people are frequently looking towards their direction, he suddenly thought of them as the big enemy, and quickly stuffed his lovely little wife into the front passenger seat, fastening his seat belt.

The faint sweet smell from Jiao Qi seemed to assault Zhang Chenfei’s senses, which is, of course, the perfume that Jiao Qi normally uses – L’Artisan Parfumeur Fleur De Liane. It smells like the sweet fragrance of the grass in a tropical rain forest with a strong scholarly flavor.

{T/N: L’Artisan Parfumeur Fleur De Liane – “Flower of the Vine” is the fourth perfume in L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Travel Series. Fleur de Liane was created by a renowned perfumer to commemorate his trip to the island of Bahia Honda in Panama. Inspired by the sultry, tropical atmosphere of the island, Fleur de Liane celebrates lush rains and the ocean, the exuberant green of leaves, the mossy and woody aroma of the sap, and the mysterious, narcotic white flower of the tropical forest. Source I think this is a limited edition product since it’s not in the company site anymore. Check their website here!}

Zhang Chenfei couldn’t help but sniff the side of his neck, as if he was very intoxicated. “What a sweet pheromone! Your father is right. You are a pure-blooded Omega. You will be able to birth me the most powerful child!”


Jiao Qi is baffled. He is aware that this guy is expected to enter another new script, but the question is: Was he spouting human words?

Every word he speaks can be understood, but he cannot comprehend its meaning. What Omega? What pure-blooded? What child?

Is the new script not about a president?

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