Mr. Dior_Chapter 24 Part 1

BOOK III: The Imperial Marshal’s Adorable Little Wife_Chapter 9.1

“Zhang… President Zhang…” Yao E’s face was soaked in perfumed toilet water that he was unable to open his eyes. He began to shed tears when he opened them a little.

The broker was terrified that he quickly rush up to block his own cash cow. “President Zhang, what is wrong with you?”

“What do you mean by spraying this thing?” Zhang Chenfei’s voice was so cold that it had been frozen. He pressed the intercom and called the secretary in.

Yao E trembled as he is with a guilty conscience.

Then, two male secretaries came in one after the other. “President?”

“Take them down and investigate them properly. They must be spies.” The marshal-daren picked up the inhibitor and moved back three steps. He fears that he was too close enough to be confused by the other’s pheromone.

The secretary was too frightened that he began to palpitate. Spy? Commercial spy? Can this 18-line small actor, who has not yet finished the nine-year compulsory education, be able to do such a high IQ task?

“Sorry, but the both of you please come with us.”

The sobbing Yao E and the scared broker were led to the secretary’s office. Su Su, the only female secretary, was answering the phone when she saw a crowd of people coming in and so she quickly ended the call.

“What happened?” A strong Liushen-flavored scent attacked her nostrils and Su Su couldn’t help but sneeze. After understanding the situation, she took a basin of water to wash the face of the crying young man.

“Come on, say something. What did you do to make our president so angry?” The male secretary called the security guard in black from the Security Department who stood outside to watch. He sat opposite of the two while putting on a smile on his face.

One holding a pen recorder and the other, a shorthand book, assuming as censors of commercial espionage.

“I didn’t do anything. I only said hello to him.” Yao E’s face had been washed with water so his makeup was also taken off. His eyes appeared to be smaller now than they had previously looked.

“When the president said about ‘spraying this thing’, what does it mean?” The male secretary holding a pen recorder held his eyes up and let out a cold light.


“What perfume?” The male secretary with a pen in his hand turned to him and asked.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Fleur de Liane.” As if insulted, Yao E reluctantly pronounced the name of the perfume in a foreign language. {TL: The name of the perfume was written as is in the raws.}

“Chinese fir rain forest perfume?” Su Su immediately laughed out loud. “Younger brother, I advise you to take the right path. Our President Jiao, can an average person imitate him that easily?”

As Jiao Qi pushed through the president’s office, he found out that the room was full of the smell of perfumed toilet water. He was very surprised. “What happened here?”

When he saw his lovely little wife entering his office, the marshal who was in a bad mood suddenly became happy, and beckoned him to sit on his thigh. “It’s nothing. I caught an enemy spy.”

Enemy spy…

Jiao Qi refused the invitation of his lao gong, and instead went out to ask his secretary what really happened. Then, he came back not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “How can you tell if it is a disguise or not?”

The triumphantly pleased Zhang Chenfei pulled his lovely little wife into his arms and harrumphed, “Clearly, it is an ugly Beta, but he disguised his pheromone just like yours. Am I such a fool? A disguised inferior pheromone can’t make me go into estrus!”

After that, he buried his nose in the collar of his lovely little wife and sniffed it as if he’s intoxicated. What a sweet pheromone! It really makes people lose their self-control.

Zhangda Diao’s logic is very convincing. However, Jiao Qi just rolled his eyes and is even too lazy to think about it further. He reached out for the desk drawer and looked for the Maserati’s car key. It’s still early, so he will hit the gym for a little while.

“Don’t move!” Zhang Chenfei suddenly roared, squeezing his lovely little wife between the desk and his chest. He gasped for a moment before saying, “Baby, you must be entering your estrus. When I get close to you, I cannot help it…”

Jiao Qi was pressed down on the desk and thought of what was happening. After listening to the second half of his lover’s sentence, his face gradually turned red. “Isn’t that exaggerated? Do you think you’re still a 17 or 18-year-old lad and will just give it a go…” Half of the words were stuck in his throat because he felt some change in his lao gong. The feeling of first love has indeed returned.

Jiao Qi remembers the time when the two of them just got together. Once he was on a business trip, Zhang Chenfei called him and hung up after saying a few words. He called again afterwards and said, “Sorry, baby, I cannot control myself when I hear your voice.”

At that time, Jiao Qi called Zhangda Diao a rogue. At present, could it be assumed that it is his lover’s recognition of his charm?

“Then, hurry up and finish your work today. Let’s go home early, OK?” Jiao Qi pushed away the big dog in front of him, and then crossed out ‘exercise’ from his smart brain.

The marshal-daren is somewhat vexed. His lovely little wife has not yet reached his estrus period. It’s really painful to go home early when he can only look and not eat.

“Okay, I’ll be done as soon as possible.” That said, Zhang Chenfei had been working for hours and even worked overtime for half an hour after.

Jiao Qi toured around Shi Fei Game Experience Center, and it just happened that the Demon King is also there.

Afterwards, the two started playing 《The Galaxy’s Glory》 with the highest level of configuration. The Experience Center uses advance smart brain-connecting device, gloves and shoes with a gravity system, which are fully immersive after being buckled.

Salute! ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ

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